Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be cutting our training season short. 


We had a great year and we will be taking the remainder of the summer to revamp our curriculum, find another awesome location and fire everything up again in April. 


Have a safe riding season.

With the new changes to the Alberta Transportation road tests, unfortunately we are unable to offer testing from our location this year.

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Mission Statement

To deliver a premium motorcycle training school experience and safely prepare individuals for a long and enjoyable riding career.

Who are we

We are a bunch of riders who believe that good habits don't happen by accident. We all have a passion for sharing our knowledge and experiences.

We're fully trained, insured, bonded and our school is licensed and certified by Alberta Transportation.

How we teach

We use a building block system. We start with the very basic skills and start building up from there. Each new skill adds to the previous, until you're on the road with the wind in your face!! We also keep a low student to instructor ratio.


Why choose Lil' Johnny's

We are fully licenced, insured, bonded and approved by Alberta Transportation

16 hours of riding + 3 hours of classroom training

Newer bikes (Oldest is 2015 models)

We supply lunches, snacks and water

Max 4 to 1 Student / Instructor ratio (8 students max)

Road riding included with primary course (**At the discretion of the senior instructor, based on riders skill**)

All your training is under 1 roof

Multiple styles of bikes to train on


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A little about us...

Our Motorcycle Training School has been around for almost 23 years! The school was initially started by a couple police officers, through the local Harley-Davidson dealership and they provided a very much needed service to the local customers. From there the motorcycle school has grown from providing that service to their customers to what it is now, a fully licenced and authorized motorcycle training academy. The name may have changed a few times along the way, but the main focus of providing the best training to our students has always been our first priority and that remains true today. We believe that our students deserve the very best training and support while learning how to safely operate a motorcycle. We keep our classes small as to give the students our best attention while attending our course. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experiences with you.

Contact us

Phone: 587.579.5562